Pin Hole Workshop

pin-hole photos

The main purpose of this workshop is to stimulate the creativity of children by a new ways of thinking such that they are able to create new objects or instruments out of old ones. The workshop shows kids how they can make an advanced instrument, like a pinhole camera, out simple objects like illy coffee cans and demonstrates that they can use the can to obtain very good and peculiar pictures.


Pinhole cameras made from illy coffee cans were used in a children’s workshop for Biella’s “Festival dei Bambini”. Children learned the theory of light and how to use it for capturing photos, and they developed a particular understanding of what the pinhole camera will portray at the end. During the first try we helped children in this process.



We began the developing process inside the dark room, helping them to get images out of the camera.
At first they were incredulous and asked if the pinholes were really boxes with developed photographs inside, but after we showed them how to take pictures and how to develop them, they really started thinking and made experiments of their own.
Such pinhole cameras have been the subject of previous workshops in Palestine as well as Italy, and the idea is to organize more in Italy and in other parts of the world.