¿Que Pasa?


2008 | light installation

I have been invited to realize a work for the project AIM, spazio di memoria, Moraviawhich aims to achieve responsible social transformation for the city of Medellin through the use of artistic practices. “¿Qué Pasa?” is a permanent public art installation which invites the community to reflect on the rapid changes of the city, while paying special attention to the issue of energy misuse.

que-pasa2 que-pasa3

The work consists of numerous LED lights (1W each) which are powered with the help of solar panels. A sensor enables the work to switch on after dark and the solar energy, which is stored into batteries during the day, assures a continuous function throughout the night (taking into account that the levels of sun coverage are very high all through the year in the region).

The project was curated by collettivo el puente_lab and supported by the Centro de Desarrollo Cultural de Moravia in collaboration with Cittadelarte-Fondazione Pistoletto and Festival della Creativita of Firenze 2008.



View of the city of Medellin on Moravia district.