Memory Track



2006 | Sound installation

A site specific work that was created for the ‘Nuovi Segnali” event in the Liviano building, in Padova. The work aims to remind to the spectators the story of three people, the statues of which have become through time simple decorative objects within a space deprived of its’ original meaning. After a series of interviews on site regarding the three statues the passersby of the space confirmed their ignorance on Carlo Diano, Luigi Pierobon and Emilio Bordero. These testimonies where recorded and edited alongside a brief text regarding the lives of these three people; the result was three separate tracks for each of the statues.


The object of this research was the recovery of the personal and collective memory that is evocated by these three austere objects which are profoundly connected with the space that they are found in. Making thus a link between present and past while trying to regroup memories in order to put them in relation with the spectator who’s invited to interact and become personally involved in an act of participation and exchange.Memory-track3  Memory-track5 Memory-track6 Memory-track7