leggimi-vicino82006 | chairs installation and event

A project done in the context of Festa dei Vicini di Casa and Letterature di Svolta (www.letteraturedisvolta.it).
In September, seven Unidee residents proposed to provide In primo luogo with chairs while involving local residents in the project, asking them their personale chairs for the Love Difference Table in the place. Thereby converting the location from a reserved gallery space to a friendly place where the community could sit and comfortably engage with the preexisting Letterature di Svolta project in the space.
In addition to being a quick and simple way to supply the space with the necessary pieces of furniture, this project was a way of involving the neighbors, the people from the surrounding area, with the space and generating interest toward Letterature di Svolta.

leggimi-vicino2 leggimi-vicino3  leggimi-vicino5 leggimi-vicino6 leggimi-vicino7  leggimi-vicino9 leggimi-vicino10

The artists asked people who work and live near In primo luogo to lend their chairs from the day of Torino’s Festa dei Vicini. In exchange, the artist modified the chairs by reupholstering and rewaving seats as well as stenciling in and penning out quotations onto different parts of each chair. The aim of their work with the residents’ chairs was minimal intervention rather than the creation of works of art, and the result was twenty unique, which will be returned to their corresponding owners in May 2007.

leggimmi-vicino locandina